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A Ford Fusion Hybrid that came in for automotive repar and diagnostics.


We have always specialized in diagnostics, this hasn't changed with electric vehicles. Fundamental understanding of a system lets you evaluate problems differently.  Even with an unknown, never before seen design we can ascertain the specific differences between the car at hand and what we already know.  For example, several years ago this blue Fusion came in and it was our first introduction to this system from Ford....  

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We diagnose and replace the high voltage battery packs in your EV. This picture show the final stage for an in house pack rebuild on a Toyota Prius.  This is an old school way of balancing the individual modules, after identifying and replacing the bad ones, by tying them all together in parallel instead of series. This came after 3 discharge and recharge.....

ACDC Training certificate 40 hours cropp


We have a commitment to continued training for our employees, this certificate is for our foreman who completed a full week of onsite training at a premier facility with one of the best trainers for hybrid and ev repair in the country.



We have the right tools and the right training to keep our employees, our facility and your vehicles safe while in for servicing.  Maintaining a healthy respect for possible dangers presented by higher voltages and energy dense modern battery chemistries is just as necessary as the healthy respect we as mechanics have always had for the power of gasoline or other dangers presented by classic vehicle design.

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DIAGNOSTICS - Fusion cont.

...This Fusion had already been to the dealer for an intermittent lack of charge to the low voltage side of the car, they had quickly condemned the dc/dc converter assembly, one of the main harnesses and a few other random components, quoting the customer 3-4,000 dollars for repairs. Luckily they came to us for a second opinion, it took us a couple hours to track the actual problem... down to a loose nut.  At one of the main power supply cables in the front of the vehicle.  After talking to the customer, we found out it had gone to a body shop for front end damage repair a year or so before and we believe that's when it didn't get tightened properly, and over time it worked itself loose.  Cleaned up the connection, retightened everything and all was well, for only a couple hundred dollars.  Fundamental understanding coupled with a true concern to actually know what is going on gives us an advantage over our competitors.

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...cycles on each module, as NiMH batteries (nickel metal hydride) have a memory effect that can be reversed with coaxing, adding capacity to a diminished pack. This will prove to be a lost art as lithium ion batteries have already dominated the field and they do not share these characteristics.  Aside from custom builds, it makes sense to replace your pack as a whole these days for better warranty and a more streamlined process. Rest assured, if we can dismantle, rebuild and build custom packs and module combinations, we can definitely handle replacement if  your pack is failing.

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