If you and your vehicle live by the recommended maintenance schedule provided by the orignial manufacturer, we are here to help in whatever manner you prefer.  If you want every line item handled at the exact mileage it's called for we will be more than happy to take care of everything.  If you want our feedback on whether or not any of those services are truly necessary or not we're here for you too.  And if you are just trying to get by with as little as possible due to financial concerns we will itemize in order what's needed and work with you to get your vehicle's needs handled over time.

Keeping your vehicle running involves more than reactionary repairs implemented after a break down; it involves thorough inspections of your vehicle when it's in our service garage, looking for signs of future issues developing... and it also involves maintaining your fluids and filters.  What it does NOT involve is "wallet flushing", an industry term for selling as many unnecessary maintenance items as possible per ticket to boost sales volume.  We err towards leaving your vehicle alone unless it's obvious that maintenance is needed to avoid spending a lot more of your money in the future.

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